What Is Good Design?

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DeBoest Lecture Hall

Ramsey Ford and Kate Hanisian, co-founders of Design Impact, discuss socially responsible design. Going beyond the aesthetics and implied beauty of “good design,” they delve into the concept of design as a tool for serving a social purpose and contributing to the improvement of human life by addressing low-cost solutions for basic needs, especially the needs of those living in Third World countries.

Presented by the Design Arts Society.

About Design Impact
Design Impact was founded in 2008 by Ramsey Ford and Kate Hanisian with a mission to use design to address pressing social needs by partnering with community organizations already engaged in meeting local community needs. In 2009, Ford and Hanisian moved to India in order to work on a two-year pilot program with a grass-roots organization to develop two social enterprises which would improve rural lives and create quality employment. Two years later they started the Design Impact Fellowship Program to connect professional designers with innovative non-profits who could collaborate together over a ten month partnership. In addition, Design Impact has maintained a passion for design-based education; teaching courses, seminars, and workshops in various locations and equipping a range of individuals and organizations to engage in design thinking within the social sector.

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