Getting ready for sights and sounds in Italy

During the beginning of my training at the IMA, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Travis Dinicola. He is the host for a radio talk show, “The Art of the Matter”. He talks to artists from all walks of life and lets the rest of us in on it. When he visited with our group, he gave us some very quick and easy tips for what makes an interview good or bad. A couple examples are: always listen and try not to interrupt too much, avoid simple questions that can be answered with yes or no, and create questions based upon the interviewee’s answers to previous questions. Also, the thing that I was most drawn to was that sound has an influence in helping to tell stories. Sound paints pictures in the listener’s head and is sometimes better than actually seeing something. So I was greatly appreciative of Travis’ advice on interviewing and I hope everyone else in our group was helped as well.


About Annika

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
What were your initial thoughts when invited to participate: Wow! I get the chance to do something that most people my age, or anyone for that matter, don't get the opportunity to do their entire life-time! I get to travel across an ocean and see one of the most beautiful places in the world. Also I was so excited that I could get to witness a culture so different from my own.
Movies: I am a movie fanatic! Just about any movie besides horrors I will watch. However, just a few of my favorites include, but are not limited to: "Lord of the Rings Trilogy," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Princess Bride," "Apollo 13," "Alien Vs. Predator," "Mulan," "Sherlock Holmes," "Karate Kid" (the old and new versions), and many, many more!
Music: I love listening to music that comes from movies or video games. My favorite is listening to music from the Xbox game Halo. Also, I enjoy Christian rap and orchestral music.
Food: PASTA! Anything with noodles in it, just about.
What I hope to learn: Well, most of all I'm hoping to learn about something besides America! It’s not healthy to stay cooped up and focused on one thing. I want to broaden my thinking and the way I see things.
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