First Time for Everything

The more I think about the trip to Italy, I get mixed emotions; excited, nervous, scared. I’ve never gotten on a plane, let alone been away from my family for two weeks.  I also think about my phone and not being able to communicate with anyone from home for two weeks. That’s extremely scary! I use my phone way too much; but yet again it can help me out so I won’t be distracted.  What I’m trying to do to calm my nerves is think about the experience I will be getting from Italy, meeting new people and trying new things because there is always a first time for everything.


About Ana

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Interests: dancing, singing, meeting new people, talking, and boxing.
Movies: "Blood In, Blood Out", "The Notebook," "Walk to Remember," and "Despicable Me" (scary, comedy, and love movies).
Food: chilaquiles, Mexican of course, barbeque chicken with french fries, and pizza
Music: "aventura," bachata, reggeaton, cumbia, merengue, duranguense, and juke music.
What do you hope to gain from this experience: I would want to make new friends because I like to meet new people. I also want to be able to learn (some) Italian through this experience, but overall get a better understanding of Italy and the people who live there.
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One Response to First Time for Everything

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Anna,
    I hope you find that the days without your phone will bring you peace and make time for all the beautiful things around you! Snap some photos!