I’m Loving It!

One of my favorite meetings so far in our preparation during this experience was when Cheryl and Anabelle were here. They were so funny. I really liked Anabelle because she was just so open-minded and shared everything she knew about Italy and Puerto Rico. She told us a story about growing up in Puerto Rico and her path of education. She also speaks Italian fluently and I admire her a lot. She taught me one thing, “not majoring in art doesn’t mean that you do not associate with art things.”

I also enjoyed the session where everyone was talking about things they are afraid of. It was then I knew that almost everyone (in our group, anyway) is afraid of heights. I’m learning a lot about my team-mates.

Lastly, I liked when we first saw the profile pictures of the Puerto-Rican students. So now I kind of know their faces in my mind and I know a little bit about who I’m going to meet.


About Kazeerat

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Favorite movies: romantic movies, mystery movies, "High School Musical," "The Ugly Truth," "A Walk to Remember," "The Proposal," "The Last Song," "She’s the Man."
Foods: pizza, tacos, mac and cheese, (my Nigerian foods), spaghetti, rice, fried chicken, bread
Music: country music, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Breaking Benjamin, Jesse McCartney, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Chris Brown, etc.
Interests: I like reading, writing and exercising. I like doing sports a lot. I like meeting new people and helping people during my free time. Unlike most people, I like school—especially learning!
What do you hope to learn: I hope that by the time I’m done with this project I know more about the artists, their art and Italy. I also hope to be able to stand up in front of others and explain this project, being sure that I have represented the museum in a good way while having fun.
What were your initial thoughts when asked to participate: I was thinking, “OMG, this can’t be true!”, but then I realized it was the truth. I was so shocked and happy at the same time. It’s like one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was thinking, “this is a fun project.” It is going to be a fun spring and summer and I consider myself lucky.
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  1. Hey! Your blog popped up on google and I briefly read over your other posts. I added you to my Feedburner feed. Keep it up. I’ll be quietly following you from the sideline haha.