Wow, Italy!

“Wow, Italy! It’s still unbelievable to me. A dream come true. It is amazing to see how art can unite many countries in a peaceful way. I never knew about the Biennials until now, and what fascinates me is that there are many around the world. This project to me is very valuable, because it’s not just about art. It’s also about knowing each other. Learning about other cultures. And even learning about our own culture. This is an unique experience! (I’m so excited, I just can’t wait for the “meet-up”)


About Angel

Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Interests: When I was a child I wanted to be a veterinarian. Later I wanted to be a plastic surgeon and then a chef. Now all I want to be is an artist - painter, graphic designer and photographer. I'd never thought that I had a huge talent. All I want is to be accepted in the School of Fine Arts in Puerto Rico, and let my mind grow with such knowledge. As well, some places I would like to travel are Scotland, England, Spain and Japan. I'd like to see an aurora borealis and watch a full sunset in the beach and experience the "green flash."
Favorite Movies: I have more preference with the genre of comedy, animation and fiction. My favorite movies include, "Inception," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Harry Potter," "Obsessed," "The Boy in Striped Pajamas," "Tron Legacy," "The Dark Knight," "Mean Girls," "Easy A," "Zombieland," "Despicable Me," "Megamind," "Tangled," "Burlesque," "Alice in Wonderland," "Transformers," "Freedom Writers," "Little Black Book," "Bug's Life" and "The Emperor's New Groove."
Favorite Music: Honestly I'm not a very big fan of romantic songs or ballads. Genres I like are pop, r&b, hip hop, alternative rock, indie, movie soundtracks, electro and blues. Some artists I like include Rihanna, Pink, Paramore, Black Eyed Peas, Cold War Kids, Alexandre Desplat, Nicholas Hooper, Hans Zimmer, Lady Gaga, Kesha, B.O.B., Kings of Leon, Maroon 5, David Guetta, Deadmau5, 3OH!3, Katy Perry and Daft Punk.
Favorite Foods: I must admit that I am not the most Puerto Rican type, I prefer more foreign food. I love pasta fettuccine especially the smoked (in alfredo sauce), gilbertini, lasagna and ravioli (but not Chef Boyardee). I love vegetables, but my favorites are broccoli and mushrooms. I am not of those who eat all kinds of meat. I prefer chicken, lobster (although I am allergic) and fish. And my favorite fruits are the kiwi, strawberries, apples, cantaloupe melon, pineapple, peach, prunes and cranberry.
What I hope to learn from this project: One of the goals I have is to be an artist (painter, photographer and graphic designer) and I hope to experience the art scene. Someday, I would like to be recognized and I know that I will be, and that's why this project is so important for me right now, this project leads me to a country where art is so important. It helps me to know and think about how exhibitions are made and managed, it teaches me to work as a team member and to socialize, and it teaches me about other cultures.
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