Greetings from Venice

Hey, everyone! (What’s up, Alberto?) These couple of days have been simply amazing.┬áIt is such a different experience here. My first thoughts of Rome were that it kind of reminded me of New York. Everyone is always busy and walking around.

Those first days were really incredible. I really loved the architecture! All of the buildings were very beautiful. Those first days (when we were waiting for the Indy students) we went to a Pizzeria and the food was very fresh. Even the cheese tasted different!

The people were sooo different too because they were so busy all the time, just walking and walking. Then, we got on a train to go to Venice. AND THE TRAIN BROKE DOWN! It was a very difficult experience because we were so anxious to get there. When we got here we met Diana and Anita, who work at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. They were very hospitable. They took us to a restaurant and we ate A LOT!! It was a lot of fun. These couple of days we’ve been walking and seeing important places in Venice like Piazza San Marco and the Doge’s Palace.

It has been a very interesting experience comparing Venice and Rome because as I said before, Rome is very busy and crowded, whereas Venice is very quiet and traditional. Both places are filled with so much culture and history. Oh, and before I forget, meeting the Indy and Venetian students has been an enormous pleasure. They are all very nice and I’ve had loads of fun with them. I feel very lucky and grateful to be a part of this. I don’t want this experience to end!



About Dorcas

Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Interests: music (singing, playing instruments and listening), theater (acting), art, movies, literature (writing and reading), photography.
Favorite movies:"Harry Potter" saga, Tim Burton movies, Musicals ("Sweeney Todd," "Hairspray," etc.), "Percy Jackson," Disney Movies, "Star Wars," superhero Movies...
Favorite music: pop rock, classical (Beethoven, Bach, etc.)
Favorite food: Chinese and Italian Food
What I hope to learn from this project: I hope to learn about different cultures. Also, I hope to learn about the way art unites us above all the differences there may be in languages or cultures.
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  1. Carol Carol says:

    SO glad to hear from you all Dorcas! We have been anxious to receive your updates. Best to you all an Ciao! Carol