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About Carol

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Works In: Audience Engagement at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
Interests: Painting, reading and jewelry making
My favorite kind of movies: Comedy, documentary films, "sappy" love stories and romantic films and some action films. Really good horror films tend to make my heart race so I often avoid them.
Favorite Movies: "The Art of the Steal," "You've Got Mail," "Poltergeist" (This movie really was scary when it first came out - yes, really!)
Favorite Music: Definitely eclectic taste in music - "old school" music (please don't ask how old), Jazz, R & B, some Hip Hop and I also like Classical music (as in Bach and Mozart).
Favorite Food: My taste in food varies, I love both boiled and fried plantain because they provide the body with a lot of iron, curried chicken, hand-made pizza (and many other Italian dishes). Eat fruit and veggies whenever I feel the need and enjoy Indian and Ethiopian food from time to time.
What I hope to learn from this project: I hope to experience Italy and the Biennale remotely! It will be great fun to work with our Indy student host Alberto as we try to envision the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this historical place. Can't wait to get the first message from our teams from Ponce and Indy – Ready, set, ... Wait for it…..!

Reflections and First Impressions: Rome and Venice

When the IMA team returned from their travels to Rome and Venice, they spent a few minutes sharing their thoughts about the experience on video. Although a couple of their voices were missing, a few consistent themes seemed to surface … Continue reading

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Reflections Part 2

Upon return from Venice and Rome, students along with Tariq and Tiffany shared their overall thoughts of the travel experience. Look for a final post featuring their voices and a series of snapshots very soon.

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My how time flies!

Hi everyone, Well, the international adventures of the MAP students in the Teen Global Exchange Program will soon be coming to an end. We heard back from them and the photos they will soon post will amaze and astound you! … Continue reading

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Tick, tick, tick…. Time to go!

Hello IMA friends! So the time has come to make the long journey to Rome and then Venice. I am so anxious to hear from the students about their trip! Alberto and I made a really fun video to start … Continue reading

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The Indy/Venice Biennale Connection

Hello Everyone! The upcoming trip  students are making to Italy is going to give me a chance to exercise my imagination BIG time! In some ways serving as the “Indy Connection” in partnership with Alberto is the best way for an artist/educator to experience the Biennale … Continue reading

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