Artwork & Projects

The IMA’s goal is to present contemporary art projects and exhibitions that provoke a reexamination of humanity’s multifaceted relationship with the environment.

Stratum Pier

Kendall Buster, Stratum Pier, 2010.

Free Basket

Los Carpinteros, Free Basket, 2010.

Bench Around the Lake

Jeppe Hein, Bench Around the Lake, 2010.

Park of the Laments

Alfredo Jaar, Park of the Laments, 2010.

Eden II

Tea Mäkipää, Eden II, 2010.


Type A, Team Building (Align), 2010.

Funky Bones

Atelier Van Lieshout, Funky Bones, 2010.

Indy Island

Andrea Zittel, American, Indy Island, 2010.

Indy Island Residencies

Learn about past projects or apply to be an island resident.

FLOW: Can You See the River?

Conceived by artist Mary Miss, FLOW: Can You See the River? was a city-wide public art project.

Chop Stick

visiondivision, Chop Stick, 2012.

NOTICE: A Flock of Signs

Kim Beck, American, b. 1970. NOTICE: A Flock of Signs, 2013