Eden II

Tea Mäkipää, Finnish, b. 1973, Eden II, 2010, ship: steel, dock floats, concrete, paint, anchors, steel cable, various other mixed media, guard house: plywood, galvanized steel, LCD monitors, security cameras, media player, audio amplifier (size approx: 8’ x 48’ x 25’, ship only). Commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Courtesy of the Artist.

PLEASE NOTE: Eden II has set sail: the ship has been relocated as this artwork is in the process of deinstallation, which will be completed later this summer.

A large foreboding ship emerging from the 100 Acres lake and a guard house on the shore nearby comprise Eden II. An unexpected sight in the idyllic Park environment, Eden II is a modern ark seemingly filled with human passengers from an unknown homeland. The guard house offers views of the ship from its deck, and surveillance monitors in its interior display footage of Eden II’s passengers, imagined as refugees displaced by rising sea levels and the ecological impact of climate change.

Project Documentation

About the Artist

In Tea Mäkipää’s artworks, humans are treated as unique animal species, with a tight lens focused around their habits and habitations. Mäkipää’s works take shape in a variety of media, including fantastical photo landscapes, video documents, and built structures. Past works include Parasite (1998), a house suspended many stories above street level, built as an extension to an apartment; the multimedia installation Domesticated Dreams (2000), with a lavish buffet consumed by “self marinating” escargot, flanked by videos of poultry intended for human consumption; and a large-scale folding screen World of Plenty (2005), featuring a utopian vision of interspecies harmony.

Tea Mäkipää was born in Lahti, Finland, and lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. She holds her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, and her Master of Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art, London. Recent and upcoming public art installations have included her sculptural work 1:1 at Art Basel Miami Beach; Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany; Catwalk; a permanent video installation for 5 projectors at VTT - Technical Research Center of the State of Finland, Espoo, Finland; and various variations of her 10 Commandments for the 21st Century, at venues such as Künstlervereinigung MAERZ, Linz (Austria) and Stiftung Ludwig Forum, Aachen (Germany).