The Davis Lab

Originally established in 2005, the Davis Lab has been through several iterations all with the objective to enhance visitors’ experiences through cutting-edge technologies and learning tools. In its current iteration, the Davis Lab is the Inspired by Nature Studio.

Enter the Inspired by Nature Competition!
To honor the role that nature plays as a source of inspiration for artists, the IMA has launched a competition encouraging visitors to create drawings inspired by nature using one of the iPads available in the Davis Lab (Inspired by Nature Studio) on Floor 2 of the Museum, then submit them online. Drawings can also be submitted from home using this online form.

Every month through April 2015, a jury chosen by the IMA will select a first, second, and third place winner for each age category (0–5, 6–12, 13–17, and 18 +). The selected drawings, as well as those receiving the most votes online, will be shown in the Davis Lab.

Increase your chance to have your drawing exhibited in the Inspired by Nature Studio by sharing it with your friends and family and asking them to vote and comment!