Star Studio

The IMA’s Star Studio provides families with young children the opportunity to imagine, explore, create, share, and collaborate in a free and interactive environment. Encouraging creativity and imagination in children can create a bond that lasts a lifetime. A recent op-ed in The New York Times said that, “strong causal relationships do in fact exist between arts education and a range of desirable outcomes.”

The Star Studio is open during regular museum hours and is located on Floor 2. Please note that Star Studio is closed to the general public on Wednesdays from 11 to noon for wee Wednesdays.

Star Studio educational programming is made possible by BKD, LLP.


(Suggested for all ages)
As an introduction to the elements of art (e.g. line, shape, color, texture, and space), visitors learn by creating their own works with traditional and non-traditional mediums. Visitors are encouraged to create a work of art to take home. Materials change daily.


(Suggested ages infant-4)
The Explore section is designed as a sensory play experience. Currently on exhibit, the life size Lite Brite, is a 7-foot wide wall vibrantly glowing with an array of colored pegs. The wall promotes the basics of color theory, imagination and the development of motor skills.


(Suggested ages 5-8)
Engineer a structure based on architectural principles and simple physics using motor skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Materials include building blocks in assorted colors and sizes, and construction hats.

This section also includes iPads available for a unique interactive experience. Currently, visitors can create their own Robert Indiana-inspired Autoportrait.


(Suggested for all ages)
The Share section, a large chalkboard, is designed to facilitate free expression in drawn or written form. Visitors are encouraged to leave messages about their experience and create temporary work of art.

Pointillize yourself! Use an iPad app to create a digital self-portrait in the style of the pointillists.


(Suggested for all ages)
Families can create a project inspired by a work in the permanent collection. Visitors are encouraged to leave their work of art behind to share with others.

Families with Infants and Toddlers

Star Studio is designed as a family friendly space. We welcome the use of strollers, diaper bags, bottles, and much more. Amenities that may ease your experience at the IMA include Family Restrooms with changing stations and a Nursing Mothers Room.